Birth Chart With Progressed Planets

This is a chart Walter Pullen style. It has the symbols and key to the right of the chart which makes it easy to refer to. The houses, signs and planets are written using the 1st 3 letters of their word. The 3 letter words should be enough to figure out if you don't know what the glyphs (symbols) mean.

The blue circle with all the little blue lines are tics. They tic off 360 degrees. There are 360 degrees in a circle. Each sign is 30 degrees. The black lines in between the blue lines mark off every 5th degree breaking up the 30 degrees. This may help you read them easier.

The signs of the zodiac are marked in the outer most circle. On the other side of the tics (blue degree circle) you will notice numbers. These are the houses. If you start from the left middle edge of the screen and work your way down, then up to the right, then up and to the top you will follow the houses of the chart. They are numbered. We are working counter clockwise.

Now I'd like to take you to the 4 Angles. These are the darker black lines totally across the chart (even through the signs) and then extended outside the circle. The Horizontal line is the horizon on the day of birth. The Vertical line divides the morning (left side) from the evening (right side). The Ascendant is marked in red...ASC and the Midheaven is marked in black.... MC. You can SEE at 1st glance that I am not a public person. Even with the Progressed planets added my concentrations are in the lower houses of the chart.

You may be a little confused by the 2 sets of ASC and MC. There are 2 sets of Planets in this chart. The glyphs (symbols) along the inner edge of the circle of houses are the Progressed Planets. They ADD to and trigger Birth Planets. The Birth Planets are the inner Planets (next to those lines criss- crossing the center of the chart). It might help to refer to a simpler plain Birth chart.

One way to tell the difference is that the Birth Ascendant is marked ASC and found on the horizon line. The ASC further down and now in the 2nd house is the Progressed Ascendant. It is triggering the Birth Venus. The Progressed Moon is now crossing the Birth Ascendant.

You will also notice that the outer slower moving planets (Jup-Plu) do not move far from their birth position. The inner more personal planets have gone some distance. They have travelled counter-clockwise. The Progressed Moon travels the fastest. It can travel through a zodiac sign (30 degrees) in a little more than 2 years. Progressions depend heavily upon the Progressed Moons position.

Now for all those blue and red lines in the center of the chart. Those are aspects or connections between planets. How do the planets interact with each other. The blue lines are easy workable connections. Sometimes they're so easy that we waste their ENERGY/vibration. The red lines are harder ENERGY/vibration. They create tension, friction and irritation. These can mean difficulty. When things are difficult we notice them more. If the line is solid it is a stronger ENERGY/vibration. If the line is brocken it is milder but still important. Think of it this way....2 is a lesser number than 6 but 2 plus 2 plus 2 is equal to 6.

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