Adding the Transits to the Birth Chart

This is another Walter Pullen chart. It's a bit complicated for a novice. It is a fine visual example of the increase in aspect activity when the present days' Transits are added. These Transits are where the Planets are in the sky today when I am writing this. The blue and red lines representing planetary connections increase when you ADD todays Planets.

The houses listed in the key to the right are the houses from my Birth chart. The Planets listed in the key are the positions the Planets hold in the sky today. If you use these positions you will have an easier time figuring out which set of planets in the circle are todays. Pullen also uses little black dotted lines connecting todays Planets to their aspect line in the middle of the chart.

You may notice the 2 solid blue lines (strong workable available ENERGY) that connects todays Sun to my Birth Mars and my Birth Moon/Mercury. It has definately been a motivated (Mars) day for instinctive/writing (Moon/Mercury).

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