1518 East Gila St., Cottonwood, Az.

NEED a JOB but OWN things you can't sell....
This Bead Store is up for SALE or TRADE (land and/or RV)

It's worth more than $100,000 ($200,000?). The cost of BEADS has doubled and tripled in the last 2 years because of the increase in minimum wages. Even China now get's minimum wages equal to ours. There are no longer coolie workers, working for near nothing. Internet monopolies are taking over. Small business is dying. But you can't see colors correctly on computers. My customers THANK me for being here. They're really picky about color. Most of them don't like ordering on line. Many come in to socialize.

I've been selling Beads in Kingman AZ for over 12 years and 2 years here in Cottonwood. I tried to sell my store in Kingman but no one could get enough money. Banks don't give small business loans. So I took it with me. Everyone loves my store and my selection.

But I've been running it by myself for 2 years and have health issues to contend with. I've turned 65 and had been diagnosed with dementia years ago. I can't remember a line of numbers and do everything twice. My cataracts and floaters are getting worse. I need time off for doctor appointments. I'm sitting way too much and getting up and down from my chair causing lower back pain. I've already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago. The stress of keeping up with the store by myself is only adding to heart and health problems.

Then there was a death in my family that made me realize I need to liquidate or die. My sons are back in New York and my daughter (who used to help me) turns 21 in April. She still lives 4 hours away and can't help me. She does not want my store. She grew up with it and hates it. So if I was to die what would happen to my life's work? This store has been my social life for the past 12 years. Everyone has loved it and needs it.

What this store needs is a retired couple. Or a young family. It is basically a family business. When I started it 12 years ago I was married to my daughters father and they put him on oxycodone and he went into la la land and left me in the middle of nowhere with my daughter to raise by myself. Working for myself left me available for my daughter. It made me stronger but now I'm tired and getting old.

I need time to visit my sons and grand children back in New York. One of my sons says he would fly back here and pack my store in a U-Haul and drive it to New York. If I agreed to move back to New York so they could help me. But my store is a functioning business in a world that's killing small business and I would like to pass it on.

I chose to move out west and I like it. I hate snow. I like the Cottonwood area. I like the Sedona area. So it has been suggested that I trade the store for a Recreational Vehicle (2005 ish, low mileage) that I could drive back and forth with. (I hate the airport). Or a piece of local property that has water, septic and electric lines to it. I live in a Manufactured Home in a park that keeps raising the rent. But I own the Manufactured Home. I could move it to property that has water and electric. A well would be nice. I'm the type of person who could even live off the grid.

So I'm open to suggestions on a TRADE. Or a partner worth $100,000.
Come on in and let's talk.

This Business is **UP FOR SALE** due to a death in family.
Make a REASONABLE offer.
It's great for a retired couple.
It's been my social life for years.

My Main Entrance