" Hi, I'm a triple Scorpio named Eliza "

Every picture tells a story, so this is my chart......

This is not a simple birth chart because I am not a simple person. Above I use 4 charts to show who I am now on Jan 1, 2006.

In this Astrodienst chart you will SEE the placement of my birth planets and houses in the middle chart (colored black). On the outer ring you will SEE my Progressed personal planets colored green (for the growth I have reached). The blue planets on the outer ring are my Solar Arced progressed planets. The red colored planets along the inner ring are the outer planets and their placement in the present sky this year (transits). The extended red lines show the transit movement for the year.

1st thing I hope you notice about me is my very prominant Leo Pluto upon my Leo Ascendant. Leo Pluto and my Scorpion Sun are in mutual reception. (I married my Aries husband when the 1999 Grand Square Eclipse hit my Asc to his Moon bond). My Asc/Desc is now in the midst of Saturns opposition with Neptune (separation).
Then there's My Scorpion stellium. I'm rather intense and always a mother (4th housed Scorpion Moon).
Next is my 11th housed Cancer Uranus conjunct the closest star to ours, Sirius, joined by Lilith. I call this my gypsy gene.
Ahhhh, then there's my softer side. A 2nd housed Venus.

I started this web-site about 19 years ago. I personally always searched for simple explanations and couldn't find software that wasn't all wordy. I have a library of Astrology books that just add words. My question was always why? (Progressed Sagittarian stage). So while my progressed Sun/Mercury passed the 26th degree of Sagittarius (the direction of the Center of our Galaxy) I obsessively (Scorpion stellium) created (Leo Ascendant/Leo Pluto) what I was searching for.

Unfortunately I'm part gypsy (my 11th housed Cancer Uranus conjunct Sirius)) and move alot. Moving constantly creates chaos in my life. It also teaches me a lot. Moving is how I clean house.

It's 2014 Now... I've been working 6 days a week for over 4 years. My daughter is now 18 and graduated High School. I stayed here for her stability and saved enough money to move. It's been years since I started this. I've been too busy with my Bead Store here in Kingman. I work it by myself and it takes every part of me every day. But I've always escaped to Verde Valley to explore.

I'm still not free from my responsibilities here in Kingman. Still stuck in the middle of nowhere. Still a workaholic. Probably because I've progressed into my Capricorn stage. But I'm finally free from the school system and my daughter is old enough for me to leave her. Been raising kids most of my life. My oldest just turned 40. So I'm opening a Metaphysic Bead store in Cottonwood and letting my daughter run this Kingman store since she finally has her drivers license and can't find a "real job".

My new store is more about Astrology. I still need the beads to support myself. 2 planets in Libra, 2 planets in Virgo and Leo Rising, progressed into Libra. Last few years I've progressed through the Super Galactic Virgo Cluster (3 degrees Libra). No wonder I've been surrounded by so many beautiful "things".

Now I'd like to have Astrology group meetings. I'd like to teach (Leo Rising) people to understand themselves and others through Astrology. I'd like to learn from others too. These meetings will be donations. Money is not my priority. It would help, but used metaphysic books would be nice. I already have a library of them and would like to share them. I can always sell some but I put a very high price on them because used books are valuable in my opinion. I seem to have a problem with letting them go.

A little over a 9 years ago (2003) I moved to Golden Valley and opened a New Age and Bead store in Kingman, Az. called....


1st written in 2006........
It's been a rough 2 years for me with Neptune dancing on my 17th degreed Aquarian Descendant in opposition to my 17th degreed Leo Ascendant. My Aries husband moved me and my 10 1/2 year old Aries daughter here to Arizona, had me open up a New Age and Bead store and then left us. A result of 2005's April Eclipse. My family has been hit by a series of Eclipse's that concentrated on Aries/Libra and Scorpio/Taurus. If it wasn't for my astrologic knowledge (and my 11th housed AA groups) I don't think I would have mentally (17th degreed Scorpio Mercury squared by Neptune) made it.

After putting all my money and effort into this store my landlord up and sold the building giving me only a 30 day notice to move it. A direct result of October 2005's Eclipse that hit my Libran Saturn. I moved the store to a Swap Meet shed while I waited for a full time store in the back to open up. Since Venus turned Retrograde on Xmas eve that year I figured it was a good time to go on a vacation for a few months and stay inside until it warmed up.

It took me months to re-open the store in the Golden Valley, Hwy 68, Swap Meet, in the back Strip Mall. The back Strip Mall is open weekdays. We're called "Old Towne Shops". As much as I know about Astrology I don't predict. I use it to understand and ACCEPT my situations. Coincidentally I re-opened on the next Eclipse, March 29th, 2006. (Pluto turned retrograde on that day too). This Eclipse was the opposition to the one that moved my store in fall 2005.

I've finally re-opened "Cosmic Thoughts". I sell used New Age books and Semi Precious Beads (a wide selection of non plastic beads), all kinds of crystals and spirituality in general. I would like to invite you into my spiritual world. It's a fragrence free environment with no incense, no scented oils and no scented candles. I am also strong (2nd housed) Virgo Venus and respect my health and senses. Too much fragrence overwhelms the senses, something we all seem to ignore. So please don't wear any fragrence if you want me to read your chart.

Update for 2007....

My chihauhau dog was shot in January, probably due to Sagittarian Plutos conjunction with the Galactic Center. Then my brother died in February, probably due to Sagittarian Jupiters square with Pisces Uranus. My family has alot of 17 degrees Leo (etc.) and the Leo Saturn opposition to Aquarian Neptune has been hitting us all. Then there's Pisces Uranus hovering at the 17th/18th degree. There is no one aspect to blame. The times are tough for everyone with these 3 intense aspects from the major teachers.

Business has been slow since they raised the price of gas in April 2007. The March 18th Solar Eclipse had a close square with Sagittarian Pluto (underground oil) and we're all feeling it. The Lunar Eclipse was conjunct Pisces Uranus (Uranus rules the internet). Everyone is feeling the crunch. Everyone is shopping on line these days. But I don't give up.

My life is overwhelmed this year as Leo Saturns opposition with Aquarian Neptune has moved to the 21st/22nd degree. My birth Leo Pluto is 21 degrees and my Virgo Venus is 21 degrees. Aquarian Neptune still continues to dance with me. But I have great FAITH that the FORCES at work know what they are doing. I'm always using my select boxes in my head and choosing positive reactions to the overwhelming vibrations of the time.

Update for 2008....

Well business is picking up a bit. I'm still a prisoner of the store, trying to be a success (Progressed Capricorn Sun is now joined by transitting Capricorn Jupiter). Life is still a struggle with transitting Aquarian Neptune (21 degrees) in opposition to my birth Leo Pluto (21 degrees). As if that isn't enough to deal with I'm gonna get hit by the Feb 7th Aquarian Solar Eclipse. My 17th degreed Aquarian Descendant gets a direct hit from the 17th/18th degreed Aquarian Solar Eclipse.

I married my Aries husband on August 11th 1999. The Grand Square Eclipse (18 degrees) made a direct hit to my 17th degreed Leo Ascendant conjunct his 16th degreed Leo Moon (12th housed). I still think we are soul mates. It's been a strange 9 years to say the least. The last 4 1/2 years here in Golden Valley have been without my husband. Astrologically the man is going through some heavy aspects. He still hasn't divorced me and lives with his Hopi father in Pheonix.

Not only will his 16th degreed Leo Moon be opposed by the Aquarian Solar Eclipse, his 6th housed Aquarian Saturn (in opposition to his Leo Moon) gets hit. 2 weeks later his 0 degreed Virgo Ascendant joined by his Virgo Uranus (1st degree) will get hit by the Lunar Eclipse. To top it off he has Retrograding Virgo Saturn dancing in conjunction with his birth Virgo Pluto.

I mention this because he is the father of my 11 year old Aries daughter. She has an 18th degreed Aries Sun which was hit by a Solar Eclipse when her father left. Jewelene is the reason I get up in the morning. Being her mother is my 1st concern. My conscious connection with my astrologic belief is my 2nd. The store is my way of being out in this crazy world. Stop in and visit.

Update for 2009.......

This has definately been a year of change for me. The Swap Meet in Golden Valley slowed down to nothing when the gas prices sky rocketed. Small business was hit everywhere with Saturn in Virgo. I don't let Saturn stop me, I use it to persevere and meet the challenges it places in my path. So I opened a 2nd store in Kingman. My customers loved that I moved closer to them. Even with the tough economic situation they still come for beads.

I had to leave my New Age side behind in the Golden Valley store. Rents in town are high and I'm tired of working for the landlord. Without me there my New Age side suffered. The beads always paid the rent and supported my New Age side. Finally I had to close the Golden Valley store down and moved my New Age side home again. I'm hoping to eventually move closer to Sedona Az (Cottonwood would be nice) but Virgo Saturn (Retrograding over my 2nd housed Virgo Venus of material things) still in my 2nd house holds me here. In the mean time this web-site is my New Age vent.

If you live in Kingman, Bullhead, Golden Valley or Laughlin area please look for my store in Kingman at 110 4th St. My "BEADS" sign is in the window.
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My home address is (it's private, but Yahoo says I have to list it)........
3793 HorseMesa Rd., Golden Valley, AZ, 86413
home phone # 1-928-565-2097

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