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Currently accepting only old fashioned CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS
until I understand paypal in full.....
Check back in a few weeks...
I might be ready for PayPal despite the fact that I entered my 1st jewelry items on without paypal or credit cards.
PayPal get 3.9% of most internet sales. also gets 3.9%.
That's a total of 8%. I'm already paying the sales tax involved.

E-mail me at requesting to see a specific necklace. Give me the page address, board # and describe necklace. I need to make sure we have e-mail exchange. I'm working on pictures and have plenty more to show each piece. I even have pictures of matching earrings.

I can e-mail pictures back to confirm necklace.

Please contact me as soon as CHECK or MONEY ORDER is mailed to me Eliza Talas, 656 South 2nd St, Cottonwood, AZ.

I will contact you by e-mail when RECEIVED. Payment is expected within 3 days after e-mail agreement but we're dealing with the mail system. Payment is required within 5 days of purchase. After this time, sale will be delayed and items(s) relisted. So get check or money order in the mail as soon as possible after sale agreement.

Items will only be shipped after payment for item(s) is received and cashed. Post Office mail is called snail mail for a reason. Your product should be received via USPS within 1 1/2 weeks of payment received.

Items are shipped out via USPS within 48 hrs after payment clears. I reuse shipping boxes and bubble wrap packaging materials. Recycling is my way of life. I'm an artist, I see everything as something else. I'm also very Earth friendly.

I list my shipping cost at $3 per item and $1 extra. That's $1 for each added necklace or angel. Bulk discounts and priority mail on orders over $100 and $200. This includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

Currently shipping to U.S. addresses only. I'm not ready for International Shipping. I need time to learn about selling in the U.S., then internationally. Come back to my store in a month or 2. I'll be more confident by then.

I do not issue refunds. My product will be as safely packaged as can be. I have 2 planets in Virgo and am slightly neurotic. My work is not perfect and I state that right off the bat. These stones are not top grade and have character defects. A-grade stones would cost 3 times as much. I try to show their imperfection in my many photos. Besides when you buy from me you are actually contributing to support my work.

I will insure all pkgs, to be recovered if necessary. Delivery confirmation is a must. This will cover refunds for pkgs lost due to shipping errors or damaged in the mail only. A process I need to learn more about.

If the item breaks in shipping it will be covered by insurance.

Any other problems just contact me and we will talk about it. Every problem is different and needs to be reviewed on a case to case basis.

Please consider the sale of these necklaces a contribution to my web-site. If for some reason you don't like the necklace when you get it give it away as a gift. I'm taking as many pictures as I can of these necklaces. Running back and forth through the mail is a big waste of time. I'm already wasting added time to take a million pictures. This isn't easy.

I'm charging for materials, not American time. Give this artist a break.

Necklaces displayed on boards