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Some of my semi-precious necklaces

(may have some glass). Some of these are sold but it shows my simple work and cost.

I can always re-string and/or change the length or clasp
My work is earthy and not perfect for a reason. Nature is not perfect.
Odd beads show the reality of the pieces. Defects make them real
Want to know the meaning of the stones used?

1. Rose quartz ovals and blue angelite rounds. leads to a crazy horse pendant sized rectangle focal.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 17". $30. Matching earrings $4

2. Rose quartz oval and lilac stone rounds. Intermingled with 6mm swarovski bicones and
tiny twice plated silver spacers. Picture doesn't do lavender coloring justice.
Silver plated toggle clasp. Approx 25". $45.

3. Green turquoise pieces spaced with melon shell heishi.
Mixed with carnelian rounds spaced with swarovski 4mm bicones.
No clasp. Approx 27". $70.

4. Chalk turquoise ovals, aqua glass cats eys rounds with
silver plated end caps and twice plated silver spacers. Inlaid pendant.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 17". $30.

5. Iolite, moonstone and smokey quartz. Small and dainty. Can be used as a bracelet if wrapped.
Barrel clasp. Approx 24". $15.

6. Turquoise heishi (s) shell heishi
Brass toggle clasp. Approx 21" $20.

7. Moonstone coins separated by earthy tubes and rounds, hemalkyte spacers.
Lobster clasp. Approx 20". $15. Because I'm not sure what the Earthy stones are.

8. Indian Unakite large chunks, rough cut. Carnelian rounds (do not have stripes).
Green stones may be serpentine. 4mm swarovski bicones add spark to this earthy piece.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 37". $45. Matching earrings $7. ($50 for the set.)

9. Nepherite jade rounds and lighter lime colored new jade capsules
mixed with hemalkyte drum spacers. New jade celtic symbol pendant.
Good sized gold plated lobster. Approx 28". $75.

10. Smokey (light) quartz rounds with 4 larger clear quartz rounds
and a light amethyst round in the center (focal).
Spaced with small hemalkyte rondelles. Soft grey tint to a quartz peice.
Large silver plated lobster clasp, end gaurds. Approx 24". $25.

11. Good sized pyrite ovals, creamy indian unakite nuggets and twice plated gold rounds.
End gaurds. Gold plated lobster clasp. Approx 15-16". $25.

12. Good sized pyrite ovals, large citrine rounds, creamy indian unakite nuggets and
rutilated orange tinged quartz coins. Twice plated gold small spacer.
End gaurd. Good sized gold plated toggle. Approx 29". $35.

13. Green ruby zoisite, pink rhodonite rounds and 4mm swarovski bicones.
Silver pewter toggle w/ rose swarovski highlight.
Approx 24". $35. 8 1/4" bracelet $7, matching earrings $5.

14. Wooden choker. 17". $5

15. Dogbone shaped, stabilized only turquoise. It's really this blue.
8mm azurite malachite rounds. Glass seed spacers.
Magnetic Clasp. Approx 18 1/2". $60. Matching earrings. $7

16. Natural blue coral ovals, dyed dk blue freshwater pearls.
Twice plated silver beads are ready for a pendant.
Lobster clasp. Approx. 25". $20 as is.

17. Cherry "quartz" is man made. 4mm swarovski bicones, hyacinth orange.
blue glass and twice plated silver spacers (tarnished).
Magnetic clasp. Approx 18". $25

18. African trade beads (red and yellow flowers). Coral chunks and rounds.
2 Striped agate. Coral cupolini mixed w/ green chips.
Slate arrowhead pendant hang 1 1/2".
Lobster clasp. Approx 21 -22 1/2". $25.

19. Pyrite rounds set off by quartz rounds.
Smaller Amethyst rounds mixed with red faceted fire-polished.
Small red faceted glass pendant.
Magnetic Clasp. Approx 18". $25 Matching earrings $5

20. Pyrite rounds and smokey quartz coins. Hemalkyte spacers. Clear Flourite focal.
Magnetic Clasp. Approx 18". $25. Matching earrings $4

21. Large Pyrite ovals. 8mm Sawarovski AB bicones and 8mm honey fire-polished
centered with a brass bead.
Large gold plated toggle. Approx 21". $40. Matching earrings $7

22. Carnelian and pyrite rounds. 4mm jet black Swarovski up front adds spark,
leads to hemalkyte spacers and smaller pyrite in back.
Gorgeous red jasper focal is darker than pictured. Matches deep carnelian and depth of this piece.
Black magnetic clasp. Approx 20" to the 2 " focal. $40. Matching earrings $5

23. 2 picture's needed for this long piece. Horn ring is the focal
with multi colored mix double stranded.
You can't see the touches of green in the seed bead mix.
Dark lobster clasp. Approx 30" to the horn. 5" to end of fringe. $20

23. The above necklace folded over.

24. Another long piece folded over. Orange teardrop african trade beads.
Ovals of Carnelian between them. Rectangles of smokey quartz with
doubled small milk quartz spacers between wood rounds to lighten it up.
No clasp. Approx 36". $30

25. Lapis, larger denim lapis rounds, garnet and moonstone.
Center bead is sparkly blue goldstone.
Strung on embroiderly cotton for metaphysic properties. Can be changed.
Lobster clasp. Approx 21". $40

26. Snowflake obsidian, red jasper, labradorite, garnet, quartz, unakite, citrine?.
Strung on embroidery cotton for metaphysic properties.Can be changed.
Lobster clasp. Approx 19". $25

27. Turquoise and coral spaced with Brown striped heishi shell.
I love the irregularity of this piece.
No clasp. Approx 25". $40. Matching bracelet $7. earrings $5.

28. Chalk turguoise ovals and white freashwater pearls spaced with sponge coral chips.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 18". $30.

29. Red, white and blue glass millefore coins with siam red Swarovski bicones and
seed bead spacers. Dainty with Swarovski spark.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 26-27". $20.

30. Grey magnetite coins are slightly magnetic naturally. Add dark blueish freshwater pearls.
White glass with mild pink ribbons. A hidden health and cancer statement.
No clasp. Approx 29". $50.

31. Teal turquoise nuggets spaced with flourite rectangles and
silver-plated bicones and aqua glass rondelles.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 26". $40.

32. Clearish moss agate pendant is 1 1/2". Flat rectangular chrysocholla,
large prehnite rounds, 8mm lilac stone rounds, smaller amethyst rounds
End gaurds. Lobster clasp. Approx 19"+ 1 1/2". $45.

33. Creamy natural magnesite nugget focal 1". Cloudy quartz barrels.
Mother of Pearl rounds. Gold plated end caps and spacers.
Gold plated toggle. Approx 22" + 1". $40.

34. Turquoise nuggets with tumbled white agate. Rough white shell heishi.
No clasp. Approx 27". $25

35. Turquoise nuggets, chalk turquoise, double aqua glass.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 22". $40. Matching earrings $7.

36. Chalk turquoise pendant 1 1/2". Chalk turquoise tumbled nuggets.
Aqua glass w/ siver plated metal bicone rondelle.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 16" + 1/1/2". $35. Matching earrings $5.

37. Chalk turquoise pendant 1 1/2" round. Chalk turquoise squared barrel.
Aqua glass with silver plated metal bicone rondelle.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 29 1/2" + 1 1/2" $35. Matching earrings $5.

38. Chalk turquoise flat ovals w/ pastel baby blue, baby pink
freshwater pearls that softens the turquoise. Twice plated silver spacers.
Magnetic clasp. Approx 19". $40. Matching earrings $7 each.

Want to know the metaphysic properties of the stones I use?
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