Web Sites with Free Interpretations

Astrodienst will give you many excellent explanations by Robert Pelletier and Robert Hand. Start with "free charts" found under "Astrodienst Services" in the top left hand corner (or find "Free Horoscopes" in the top lines navy blue toolbar). You are lead to "Please select among these free horoscopes:". Have fun exploring these options.

Did you know that you can store up to 100 charts in Astrodienst? Try the "My Astro" link in the top lines navy blue toolbar. You can join and store charts. Read software interpretations about your family, friends and prospective mates.

There is also an extensive interpretation that includes midpoints available under the Walter Pullen section (he calls it a delineation). You can find this by entering the "Extended Chart Selection" area. (Found at the bottom of "Please select among these free horoscopes:"). After entering "Extended Chart Selection" bring down the select box found at the top left hand corner. It is marked "Pullen/Astrolog" under "Please select a group:". Then scroll down to the end. It is called "Simple Chart Delineation". It is quite detailed and includes Midpoints.

Search for Matrix Oracles in your search engine to get to Matrix Astrology. It gives you a taste of one of their Reports. It is called "Astro Talk". "Yesterday" is a birth reading. "Today" is a transit reading. Each report is about 10 to 11 pages and highly recommended. "Tomorrow" is a page of upcoming personal transits.

Simply bypass the commercials and large "Order" button. Look for the smaller "previous/next" link, found to the right. Keep clicking "next" for your reports. (If you get an "error timed out", don't give up. Click your back button and try again).

Astrolabe gives a very brief explanation with it's free chart. Get your free birth chart 1st from the selection under the chart showing "Current Astro Weather". Look for the yellow stars. Click "My Birth Chart". They will then give you an option for an explanation.

"Current Astro Weather" is an incomplete interpretation, for daily transits, but interesting.

Chaos Astrology has a nice report.

You must join (it's free) for a report from AstroAdvice. Once registered you re-enter then look to the upper left hand side for a select box labeled "Features". Select "Self Analysis" and it will lead you to your free birth chart report. Eugenia Last's report does not explain what astrological term she is interpreting. She does include a Sabian degree interpretation.

Another very brief and not complete report can be obtained from 1Horoscope.

Abacus has a very general reading called Starbud. You need to add your time zone to the GMT time to get a closer reading. But it's a general reading so I wouldn't worry. AstroHelper needs you to know the time corrections, longitude and latitude. I was not successsful at getting this 2nd report.

These are interesting reports that explain some about the "pieces" of your puzzle. They are software explanations. They do not blend or counterblend. It is like the explanation for the elements used in a complex chemical. One element/aspect can neutralize another. It may take a Transit (planet in the sky at any given time other than birth) or Progression (to add to one of these "pieces") in order to activate the "piece".

Read them with an open mind. Print them, then make a notebook and start a book about yourself. Look at them frequently and you may notice a pattern of highlighting behavior.

Try printing some of my worksheets.

Software explanations are great but it takes an Astrologer's EYE to SEE the whole picture. If you can, "talk" to an Astrologer. You can have a great conversation with an Astrologer once you know a little about yourself astrologically. Not all people who call themselves Astrologers actually are. So keep an open mind, do not judge the word Astrology by someone who calls themselves an Astrologer.




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