Alone you are an Atom
Your family makes you a complex molecule

Dear James,
This is your crazy Aunt Eliza.
Now I'm sure you remember how I had cooties because I was clean and sober. I still have cooties. I still remember clear as day the moment your mother, my sister and family came running next door because James had swallowed a penny. I did the Heimlich move and popped that penny out. They thanked me and immediately left. You see I was living next door to your grandmother but not allowed to talk to Susan or Michael. In fact I wasn't talking to my sister because she was enabling my teenage sons to do drugs. I did go to your 1st birthday with the black icing Mickey Mouse cake. Your mother invited me and so I went.

Jude will be 42 years old in Sept. and has one year (+ months) clean and sober. The 1st time in 25-28 years that he hasn't smoked pot or drank at the same time. Can you remember how crazy he could be? I've lost track of how many times he's been in jail. He was on heroin and threw himself in the Long Island sound a year ago in winter, it was cold. Neptune (ruler of the ocean) (and found in his 5th house/room) threw him back and out of desperation he went to meetings.

Can you remember my sister calling me to get him out of the apartment? You should have been old enough to remember that. Can you remember when my brother stabbed him? Jude was laying there holding his own intestines. That's what it took to get him sober for one year.

My sister couldn't understand why I would still talk to Robert. I understood that my brother spent years in jail. When he came out he'd always have his back to the wall. In his own way he was protecting you kids. Jude was out of it and stronger than my brother. He did what he had to do and I knew it. I knew he had to bite off a piece of Jude's ear to defend himself from Jude in a previous fight. Anything to survive. But my sister still took them into her house. She enabled them to drink and drug because she was sick too. I loved my sister. Once I got her as far as the door to an AA meeting. Instead she waited for me outside.

Of course Jude went back to smoking pot. I can remember I took Jewelene to my sisters to get a birthday present. Jude came along. She didn't have the present. She had bought pot and ran out of money. Instead Michael gave Jude a joint outside. I saw him from the window. That's all it takes to go back. I was soooo mad. I love my son and he loves me too. But he has Neptune in his 5th house (astrology). He's an addict.

I'm sending my astrology birth chart. I will send my sisters. You will see how strong an Aquarian she really was. She had her Aquarian Sun and her Aquarian Mercury upon her Aquarian Rising. I am 17 degrees Leo Rising with Leo Pluto. I am very Plutonian (Scorpio). The Rising sign is a spiritual side. The opposite side is the descendant. It has to do with who we relate to. You will see how my sister and I were Yin and Yang. Evelyn's Rising is somewhere around 18 degrees Aquarius.

I'm sending you your Mothers birth chart. She misses you. She's a lot like me. Your mother is Leo and replaced me when my sister and I grew apart. Your Grandmother's descendant is Leo, she related to Leo type people.

I will send you your chart when I get your birth data from your mother. I'm a very knowledgeable Astrologer. I also have 3 witches marks and would have been burnt at the stake in the old days. Instead of hurting people I get some of their DNA on a piece of paper or cloth and burn it, praying that they be free from their sins. It's a letting go process I learned in meetings. It's like writing down your 4th step and then burning it. Letting go of pain and anger. I never pray for anything negative. It comes back in Karma. GoodOrderlyDirection works in mysterious ways. I leave it up to a Force greater than myself. I've even saved the clothes Robert wore on the day he died. Just in case anyone shows up saying he had a kid we didn't know about. His DNA stays on his clothes. I miss my brother and sister.

Can you remember when Christopher was stuck down at Susan's. I called them to warn them that an Eclipse was coming and all 3 of them (Michael included) would get hit by the Eclipse. By this time Chris was an addict. He doesn't drink much because his father died of alcoholism. His father drank himself to death (when we lived in Sacramento) and he died with his mouth open. It took a week before they smelt his dead body. The fly's found him 1st. He had a closed casket and Chris never got to say good-bye to his father.

Astrology is like genetics to me. You are Taurus, the opposite of Scorpio. We have very strong genes in our family. Great Grandpa Maddocks used to tell us stories about how one of our Great Great Ancestors stole the Kings horses and got sent to the States with other criminals. The British used to empty their jails out in the early days. Survival of the fittest.

Your crazy Aunt Eliza
(I'd rather be crazy than normal any day.)


And so I continue. You may ask what is she talking about and why? Why? Because I think your old enough. I also think you need something to occupy your intelligence. We may be different in many ways but we also have some things in common. Notice the Yin and Yang of your Taurus Sun to doubly strong Scorpio Pluto.

People don't pay attention to their Earth. Taurus has a lot to do with Mother Earth. It is the sign of materialistic things. It is ruled by Venus and this week Venus in the sky appears to turn back into Leo upon your Mothers Leo three some. Jupiter, planet that rules Sagittarius and intelligence is also there. Venus and Jupiter join Forces.

So if I ask you where is your Earth? It is opposite your Sun. So your Earth is Scorpio conjunct (wide) doubly strong Scorpio Pluto. Are you ready?


I have your date of birth not your time so I will list your planets by their degree.. This is not 100% accurate.

Leo Jupiter 5 degrees
Aquarian Saturn 6+ degrees

Notice how your mother and I both have these degrees too. Different ways but math is the Universal language. MathMaddocks. It's a joke. I think your mother was a Maddocks when she was born. Did you know that Jude and I were there when she was born? I talked your grandmother into keeping her. No one knew my sister was pregnant. She was going to give her up for adoption. What a surprise she was to my mother.

Taurus Sun 13 + degrees
Capricorn Uranus 13+ degrees

These are the degrees we all share. I use a 3 degree orb for any connections to the Sagittarian Great Attractor (14 degrees). It's an unknown Gravitational anomaly hidden behind the Sagittarian Center of our Galaxy that everything seems to be moving towards. Anyone connected to it is connected to supreme intelligence. Kind of gives you a GOD like feeling of superiority. It can be a problem.

Generational is Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. Yours is wide. I give a 3 degree leeway. I babysat for a boy with an exact combination of this. No one else would watch him. I have his chart on my website as an extreme case. He was on the rebellious side. His father was in program with me. I often wonder how he's doing now. He was Jewelene's friend as a child. She also had a friend Chelsea who was an exact extreme case.

Jewelene has a 13 degree Sagittarius Moon, very connected to the 14th degree direction of the Sagittarian Great Attractor. Her boyfriend is 14 degrees Pisces Sun exactly conjunct his 14th degree Pisces Mars. He had serious anger issues. He's like an astrologic Siamese twin. The last 2 years have been very tough for anyone connected to the 14th degree. They fought almost every Full Moon. All the Full Moons were all close to the 14th degree, within a 3 degree orb. How many of your generation are in the war? How many are being maimed and mangled? I'm not just talking about Americans. Many countries all over the world.

Capricorn Neptune 16+ degrees
Cancer Mars 17 degrees

My sister was 18 degrees Aquarius Rising in opposition to my 17 degree Leo Rising. We were constant lessons to each other. Your Mars is sensitive so you build walls to protect it. You are also intuitive and have the ability to protect others.

Capricorn Moon 19 degrees
Aries Mercury 19
Scorpio Pluto 19 degrees

The fact that you have 3 of them makes their interaction spin when the other planets in the Now trigger them. This is a pivotal part of your persona.

Doubly strong Pluto in Scorpio is Generational. It makes you very intense. Kind of like my Mutual Reception.
Some are known as Indigo Children. It has to do with your 3 very special Generational planets. I believe your Generation will reconstruct Leadership sooner or later. Right now their learning about destruction, despair and the oneness of us all.

Gemini Venus 25 degrees is all alone but connects to your Mothers Leo Rising, Leo Sun and Leo Mercury. This is her 3 some intensity. Your Grandmother also had these degrees. It also connects to the 26/27 degree Sagittarian Center of our Galaxy. Another direction that is said to be highly intelligent. You were split (Gemini) in your affections. It also connects you to Michael. You don't want to understand because you are defiant, partially raised by my Aquarian sister. But your also very smart.

You ask why am I here? Because anytime you have Pluto and Saturn together I call it the mafia gene. Brother had the 2 planets together in his birth chart. You have doubly strong Scorpio Pluto (19 degrees) connected to your Capricorn Moon (19 degrees), Capricorn territory is ruled by Saturn. They are synonymous. You have 3 parts of you in Capricorn. The Moon being one of the 3 most important parts of persona. Thus the mafia (criminal/jail) potential.

The problem is how can you transform and reconstruct? You have great leadership potential. How can you make the most of this time of restriction? Saturn and Capricorn rule time itself. Time is my nemesis. No Pain, No Gain is my Scorpio/Pluto motto.

Please don't throw this away. I'm giving you my time. Maybe you don't understand me now. I really don't care. I'm trying to help you. I haunt you in the name of my sister. She would only want the best for you. Think of this as a puzzle to waste time. Can you outwit time? Can you solve the problem?

Once again I remind you I'm the Grand Aunt you all think is crazy. I'm just out there. I don't need drugs or alcohol to get there. I'm always out there. I'm off to an AA meeting. I need to be with other people who understand me. I hang out with sober and clean alcoholics and drug addicts because we're smarter than the average person.

Luv Ya.
P.S. I will do charts for your friends if you want. You need 1st name only, date of birth, time of day if they have it, and city/state they were born in. Let's see how intense your friends are? Let's see if they have degree connections.


I now have your Birth Time and exact location. I've sent you your chart. I tell people that a birth chart is like the contents of your Book called Life. It's a blue print. An outline. A genetic Map. Only the beginning. You know your limited by your genetic make-up. You will never be naturally blonde like my Chris. (By the way he shaves his head because he has always hated that straight blond Arian hair). But you have free will and write your book. That's why I use select boxes on my web-site. Astrology describes vibration and you always have choices. You are like an instrument (limited in tone) and react to the music of the Universe.

Unfortunately our family has strong Aquarian/Uranian genes and we have a tendency to rebel. Once the school called me and asked me if I knew my son Chris was defiant. I told them they hadn't met my other 2. Chris's Moon is Aquarian at 19 degrees. The handle of his bucket pattern. A critical placement like the mast on a boat. Now look for 19 degrees Aquarius on your grandmothers chart. Coincidence????? I don't think so. I fought like crazy with Chris trying to stop him when he was a teenager. He'd walk out on me all the time. He'd try to tell me what to do. I'd tell him to stop playing mind chess with me because I would win.

At 16 the judge went to release him back into my custody and I said to keep him in Juvy. I said I didn't want the judge to let him slip thru the cracks. I told the judge I was the parent and had the right to say something. That judge ordered me to Anger management in one session when Chris actually got up in juvenile court and walked out because I spoke up. How many teenagers have the balls to walk out of court. I told the judge I was being assertive not angry. I never had to go to anger management. It was the judge who was angry.

While Chris was locked up in Juvy his friends paid someone outside a grocery store to buy them liquor. They got drunk and rolled the car. One of his friends was hanging out the roof window and died. I was soooo glad Chris wasn't with him. I still cry when I remember his friends mother crying as she followed the simple pine box. I didn't care when anyone called me a bad mother. My son was alive and in one piece. Still angry as could be and defiant as hell but alive.

Did I forget to mention that Chris has Saturn/Pluto in Libra. There's that Mafia gene again. Many years later than brothers. But by then I knew better (enough astrology) and I nipped it in the bud. He still hates me for my decisions as his mother. But I'm very Scorpio. G.O.D. gave him me for a mother.

Sorry. I got sidetracked.

Did your chart and it's a difficult one. You have a lot to overcome. Your Grandmothers death devastated you more than you let others know. You have your Capricorn subconscious Moon (Neptune/Uranus) in the 8th house of secrets. I tell people that it's the closet. We hide our secrets in the closet. Metaphysics is a hidden knowledge hidden away. They had Harry Potter living in the closet under the stairs (of knowledge) for a reason. It was symbolic.

You spent your early years playing mindless video games. The challenge was in an imaginary world. Now you face the real world. If you think of life as a game the challenge is not there for you to give up... but to figure out how to get to the next level. Do you play chess in there? What do you do to keep your mind occupied? Aries (pioneering and war like) Mercury (mentality) in the 11th of groups and friends. Square (red for friction) Cancer Mars. This could be domestic (sensitive) anger (energy).

You need to be grateful that you didn't go to war and get blown up. You could be in a hospital maimed and crippled. You could have been burnt beyond recognition. Now that's hell. Instead you have been through the gates of Mordor.

Do you believe in magic? I do. It's pure intelligence. It's mind over matter. 2nd house/room (I like to call the pieces of the pie like breakdown of a chart, rooms within, like an old Victorian house). Your Cancer Mars gets angry because you can't protect family (a group of people that work together). But it's 2nd roomed over worldly materialistic things. Mind over Matter is difficult (square/red) but not impossible. They say indigo children can do it. Now that's an 11th room group to belong to.

Your 25th degreed Gemini Venus (dualistic values) is opposite the Sagittarian Center of our Milky Way Galaxy (26/27 degrees). Notice these degrees in your Mothers and Grandmothers charts. Not in mine. This is an intense area and materialistic things block you from this area of intelligence. Yet you relate and are drawn to them. You want to know what they know.

Once again I'm warning you against the gamblers in jail. They will suck you up if you give them the chance. Cards are a favorite pastime. But gambling is a negative trait that Sagittarians have to overcome. They are influenced by Jupiter (the vacuum cleaner of our Solar System). They are naturally lucky and suffer from thinking they are superior.

There's a lot of Sag genes in our family too. My Nov. Paul is 2 days away from Dec., Grandma Maddocks and before him is Aunt Pat. That's why my father was drawn to Grandma Lee (Dec). Jewelene is Sag Rising. Notice that my sister's Jupiter (ruler of Sag) was 12 degrees Taurus conjunct your 13th degreed Taurus Sun. Co-incidence???? I don't think so. To you as a child she was a generous Sagittarian relationship. She taught you through your early years.

Still crazy after all these years.
Your loving Aunt Eliza

Software Interpretations for some of James Birth Planets

Hi James, Am I boring you yet?
Enough about you. Now let's look at Nathan and Ty's charts. They anchored you as a teenager. Nathans is pretty tame if you ask me. He has an easy chart. That's why he's so mellow. The only mid degree he has is a recessive (12th house/room is owned by Pisces/Neptune of escaping reality) 12th degreed Libra Moon. The Moon is one of the 3 most important parts of persona. 12 degrees is close to 15 degrees Libra in your Grandmothers chart. A family gene I will keep pointing out. Remember you are like a chemical equation. A family or relationship can change the elements into a compound.

Nathan's Libra Moon (12) (and your Grandmothers 15th degreed Libra Moon) squares his Fathers 13th degreed Cancer Moon (conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius, closest Star to our Sun). This Fixed Star Sirius is the Star of the Egyptians and the rising of the Nile river that gave life to the Egyptians. And it's the birth Sun/date of the signing of the Declaration of Independance, making the USA so magnanamous. Ty and Nathan are both sensitive but Ty dominates because of his Cancer Moons position on his Midheaven, (how he projects himself to the public as a doubly strong (Moon in it's own territory) yet sensitive caretaker). My sister (and I) both had 13/15 degreed Cancer Uranus. We were the liberated woman and single moms generation of the USA (conjunct Sirius).

Your Taurus Sun (13 degrees) sextiled (60 degree aspect of cooperation) Ty's 13th degreed Cancer Moon (conjunct Sirius) so you got along with Ty. Your Taurus Sun was inconjunct (fluctuating aspect) Nathan's sensitive Libra Moon. Sometimes you got along with him and sometimes you didn't.

Then there is the missing link your birth father Carl.... What do you have in common with the missing link? Well I don't have all his data, so I can't do an accurate chart. But I can get the degrees of his planets and the zodiac territory they are in. I usually use a 3 degree orb of adjustment because man is not all that accurate yet so I aIways give room for error.

I'm using the middle of the day for a chart/picture. The Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC and the rooms/houses are not accurate but the rest is close. What stands out the most is his Sagittarian Sun (15 degrees) give or take a degree (14-16) still places the core of his personality in the direction of the Sagittarian Great Attractor at 14 degrees. I think I have mentioned that 15 degrees of each 30 degreed zodiac territory is the purest degree. It is not tainted by the vibrations of the blending of the signs next to it's vibrations. There all also connected to the 14th degree of Sagittarius in different ways. This may sound complicated but it's not. These degrees are in tune with something greater than us all. Your father has it almost exact.

I warned you about them Sagittarians before I even had the data for him. They are connected to a direction of space that is known for truth, higher thought and intelligence (positive words). They think they are smarter than everyone and when they don't use their gift of intelligence in the proper way they have a tendency to be gamblers and master manipulaters (especially those on the side of Scorpio). They are more connected to 2 directions of space that Astrologers of old didn't even know about decades ago. Or did they?

It is now a scientific fact that 26/27 degrees (I circled all his connections to this degree using a tighter 2 degree orb) Sagittarius is the direction of the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is a black hole of gravitational attraction, lots of stars and space dust. We are only one tiny Solar System among many in this Galaxy. Thus Sagittarians naturally have this magnetic attraction to work with. Scientists can't even see nor understand the intensity of this direction.

Beyond it is what is called the Great Attractor (14 degrees Sagittarius). It is even Greater and they can't see it through the density of matter of the Center of our own Galaxy. They do say that our Milky Way Galaxy and the Super Galactic Virgo Cluster (our tiny Milky Way Galaxy is at the tail end of this Super something Virgo Cluster, 3 degrees Libra) and the Andromena Galaxy and a lot more in space are all moving towards this Great Attractor that they can't see. This is a scientific story in itself that I have spent many years trying to understand.

Anyway your fathers Sag Sun (15 degrees) is very connected to the Great Attractor and a bunch of his other planets (26/29 degrees) are connected to the Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). All this connection to the 2 intense gravitational FORCES of higher philosophy and intelligence can be tough to live with. It could drive a person crazy at times. It also gives them a G.O.D. like feeling of superiority that can get them in trouble.

Grandma Lee has her birthday (December 18th) Sag Sun (26 degrees) conjunct the Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). She was a Jupiter vacumn cleaner if I ever saw one. When my father was dying my sister Evelyn and I swear she had my dying father change his will leaving my brother, sister and I without even a dollar. My father would have left us at least a dollar.

Now I've mentioned that there are 3 most important parts of the Astrologic persona (birth chart). The Ascendant or Rising sign on the day you were born is based on the time of day you were born and where you were born. It has to do with peoples 1st impression of you. They see your Aura 1st. When the Sun Rises we enter a new day. The Sun is your conscious physical self (important like your backbone). I hate Sun sign Astrology. It's only part of your persona. 3rd is your Moon, Your subconscious emotional self.

Low and behold where do I find your Fathers Moon? It's Taurus (13 degrees) inconjunct (150 degrees) his Sag Sun. Mind you, the Moon might be off a degree or 2 (due to lack of exact time and place) but I don't think it's a coincidence. There are no coincidences in the master plan.

Inconjunct (150 degrees) is a minor fluctuating aspect after a 120 degree trine of help and ease and before a 180 degree opposition of stress. Aspects are how planetary parts interact with each other. I describe the rooms within like rooms within a big old Victorian House. You know how my sister (Aquarian/Uranus can be very loud) used to yell from her room. Sometimes you couldn't hear (the walls are opposition and squares blockage) her if you were in the living room. But if your mother called you from the kitchen maybe you could. That maybe is an inconjunct.

Speaking of your grandmother. Her 15th degreed Libra Moon is conjunct Michaels 15th degree Libra Saturn. That's the only mid degree Michael has but it's a hell of a genetic connection when there's a connection to the Moon. Jude's only mid degree is a 14th degree Libra Mercury. They all got along. This is within orb of your release point (19 degrees Libra).

Anyway that's where you got your Taurus gene. Your mothers attraction to your father was all his 26/27 degrees. Look at her chart. You'll find these degrees in a lot of our family's charts. Not in mine. Mine are connected to the Great Attractor. My sons only have one mid degree, one part of them connected to the Great Attractor.

Now I'd like to talk about the red triangle in Ty's chart. It's called a T square. 2 squares of difficulty and an opposition of stress. You have one, so did my brother, Trevor has it and so does your father. These are pivotal areas of stress and difficulty that can be a problem unless you learn to release the pressure. The release point for Ty's is opposite Aquarian Mercury (4+ degrees). It is your mothers 5th degree Leo Venus. Venus being the planet of love, peace and harmony.

The release point for you is opposte your 19th degreed Aries Mercury (aggressive thinking), around 19 degrees Libra (finding balance). But that would be releasing your anger and difficulty in the direction of family members. So you don't. You could also accidentally vent it through your more positive (trine) aspected Scorpio Pluto (scientific investigation) (it too is 19 degrees but inconjunct your Mercury thinking). You need to aim your release at a more diplomatic and harmonious Libran release. Like learning to shoot a gun in the right direction.

I am of the belief that older souls ask for more difficult charts like the levels of a game. You will find T squares and full fledge Boxer charts in jail. Boxer charts are the hardest they are 4 squares and 2 oppositions like a boxing ring. There is no easy release point. They feel trapped.

When I explain red squares to people I use the analogy of riding a wild stallion. When you overcome it you get the better ride than when you choose the tame old mare (blue trines). It is the difficulties in our life that make us better people.
Lots of Sag luck to you, Eliza


Hi James, Got your letter,
Your not supposed to relate to everything in software interpretations. Your a multi-faceted person like a kaleidoscope. Constantly changing. That's why I suggest that you highlight things you can relate to and circle things you want to work towards.

In relationships I look for 3 compatible things. Any combination of Sun to Sun, Rising Ascendant to Rising Ascendant, Moon to Moon, Sun to Moon, Moon to Rising Ascendant, etc. My Mike is an Aries Sun (17 degrees) with an 18 degreed Leo Moon. His Leo Moon was compatible with my 17th degreed Leo Rising Ascendant.

Another thing I look for is the opposite of a Rising Ascendant. It's called the Descendant or line of relating. Mine is 17 degrees Aquarius and I relate to Aquarian type people. Mike also has his Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) upon his Virgo Rising Ascendant. A critical position that makes him an Aquarian type person.

My Descendant included your grandmothers 18th degree Aquarian Sun but it also triggers many childhood issues. We had a love/ hate relationship. As you know I was one of the few people who could stand up to your Aquarian grandmother. We loved each other but also fought a lot. Being the Scorpio who liked being alone I learned at an early age to walk away from her. She needed the friends (Aquarius) more than I did.

When they put Mike on Oxycodone and his Aquarian type personality took over I let him go. My mouth can be my weapon and I'm a very Plutonian Scorpio. I'm still married to him but didn't talk to him for 10 years. I could have annihilated his more sensitive side.

I started talking to him last year because Jewelene turned 18 and graduated and I was free. I moved here to Cottonwood to be around people who understood metaphysics. I'm alone and a single atom for the 1st time in most of my life. We own the house in Golden Valley so I called Mike in to sell it now that she' s through with school. And to supervise her and her boyfriend Jerry. They share a 13/14 degree square in their charts that can be very volatile in a relationship. It's their choice to work it out or not. It's like the wild stallion if they can work it out. One year later her father has been removed from the equation. They haven't killed each other yet.

I've done your friends chart.... Differences are very little. But even with twins they are separate souls and make their own decisions when writing their book called life. Your friend is also part of a different family (complex molecule). Jewelene says they can clone me and I disagree. I am the sum total of my experiences which can never be the same. My childhood with your grandmother and my brother can never be the same.

Here's a story about my brother Robert. As you may know our parents were out a lot square dancing. I was left to babysit my siblings as a teenager. My sister usually competed with me over authority.

The upstairs bedrooms were just framework, 2x4 wood frames. Between Evelyn's and Robert's rooms was a hamper outside their framed doors. One time we were pissed off at Robert so Evelyn and I had him stand on the hamper. We took stockings and tied him up to the 2x4's and pulled away the hamper.

Talk about a Jesus complex. I'm sure we didn't leave him there long. But I figure we traumatized him at an early age. Can that night ever be repeated? We are all traumatized in some way. I'm 27 years sober this week. Maybe I'm writing to you as some kind of an amends to my brother.

So I've done progressed charts for you and your friend. They bring you up to the chapter of life you will be in 2023. I also did one for you now (2015) which shows you have both changed like the Kaleidoscope. Still stressful but not as severe. You are now in a Cancer Rising stage. You relate to chaotic (Uranus) authority/older Capricorn/Saturn type people. Add the Sagittarian /Jupiter type people. You always carry your birth chart like genetics but you don't look the same as when you were born. You become more complex and add layers to your persona.

In 2023 you will both have easier charts (stories). You could dwell on these more positive charts. The Moon is the most important part of a progressed chart and I see a big enough difference.
Here's to a happier life...Luv Ya from afar, Crazy Great Aunt


Hi James,
Last letter was about relationships. I didn't mention that my 2nd husband John B was my best friend before I married him. We got along fine. I would visit him as a friend. We'd watch soap operas and talk. I could confide in him. He had a son Johnny, the same age as Jude and Paul. His 1st wife Pat was a friend of my sister. Pat hated me.

John was 2 years older than me and he was a twin. Their birthday was October 28th and I am October 30th. John was the sweeter milder twin and held a good job with AT&T. Now Sun to Sun can be good but they also say that 2 Scorpions will sting each other to death. John was also an alcoholic and drank himself to death. The fly's found him 1st and it took a week to smell him. They had a closed casket and Chris never got to say good-bye to his father.

We got along until he came home after Chris was born and told me he was a secret drinker and AT&T was sending him to a Rehab because they caught him drinking at work. He up and left me with a baby and a giant financial mess while they sent him to a cushy Rehab for a month (it even had a pool). I had to scrape penny's together so he had his cigarettes.

While he was in there my car broke down and his father came to help me. He wound up grabbing me and kissing me (tongue) in the car. Telling me that was how it was done in his family. Freaked me out. Not in my family. When he came out John was supposed to go to AA meetings but he didn't. That's how I got introduced to the program. I had to go to Al Anon as part of his recovery program.

Years later our divorce was the "War of the Roses". (Good movie you should see it). He was pretty sick by then. We had a 3 family house. John lived on the 3rd floor. We rented out the 2nd floor and I lived with Chris on the 1st floor. John was so drunk one day he left the house with only a laundry basket and took a bus to his mother. The 3rd floor was totally trashed. His enabling mother flew him to his sisters in Arizona and I was left with the mess at the house. Around the same time my father died of Cirrhosis of the Liver. My father never went to a rehab. By now I was a mess. This time I went to AA, not Al Anon. 2 years later GoodOrderlyDirection sold that forclosed on house and I moved to California when you were born.

A few years later John's drunken despicable twin was arrested and he used his twin brothers ID. When he went to court as John the Judge said.. "Mr. Beisgen ... Aren't you dead?" He got in bigger trouble for impersonation.

Gemini is the sign of the twin. You and your friend are Gemini Rising. Your souls are Gemini. Different house/room positions of your Gemini Venus. You appreciate Gemini values of connecting and communicating in different ways. You are vain with Venus in your 1st of appearances and ego. Your friend is more sensitive about their 1st impression in a 12th house/room way. Their Venus placement is very critical. It also opposes the Sagittarian Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). Making it even more sensitive to higher philosophy and a tendency to take risks in their relationships. Gemini is the lower (verbal) form of connecting. Sagittarius is the higher form (reading). Yin and yang.

In my family there are birthdays just about every odd day in June. 3rd house/room is Gemini's natural home. I am 3rd house/room Scorpio Sun. There's my duality. My Scorpio Sun is on my Halloweens IC foundation. A critical placement.

Jude's wife Berverly is June 2nd...
Ashley (Chris's mate) (she's a twin) 11th,
Susan (your aunt) 15th,
Denis (my 1st husband) 17th,
? can't remember the 19th,
Michael (your uncle) 21st,
Johnny B. 23rd (Chris's brother),
Grandpa Maddocks (plus my twin cousins) 25th,
Vicky 27th,
Christopher is the 29th.
I believe your grandmother and Michael were diagnosed bi-polar at one time.

I haven't talked about the early degrees... They are the degrees I didn't highlight before this letter. They are connected to the Super Galactic Virgo Cluster found at 3 degrees Libra. This is the direction of Supreme Balance. Our Galaxy is found at the tail end of the SGVC. We are tiny in comparison. We are nothing but dust in the wind.

Now you may ask why is she writing this. My life is a science fiction novel. You said you like to read science fiction. My life and my mind are out there all the time. Most science fiction is far out thoughts that can't be proven. But I can relate to them. Most science fiction writers understand mythology which is interwoven with the Fixed Stars. I used to send Sci-fi books (and jawbreakers) to Robert in jail.

There are 2 gigantic Fixed Stars along our Suns ecliptic path. They are coincidentally in opposition to each other. Astronomically Aldebaran (9+ degrees Gemini) is the right eye of the Taurus Bull and Antares (9 degrees Sagittarius) is the heart of the Scorpion. They are tremendous Red Suns and right on the Ecliptic path. They are very influencial. This is a mega opposition of immense solar influence. Remember I use a 3 degree orb. Let's see how many Gemini relatives have these degrees in their chart. (next letter).

Forgot to mention Sagittarian Grandma Maddocks and her Sagittarian daughter Aunt Pat along with Sagittarian Paul are connected to Antares.

You have a Leo Jupiter (5 degrees) in opposition to Aquarian Saturn (6+ degrees). The Earth and it's material things are caught between them. They are blocked by worldly things. This leads to stress and frustration. This needs to find balance. Have you noticed how many 5/6 degrees are in our family charts? These degrees are between the SGVC and Antares/Aldebaran degrees.

I have it as Libra Saturn (9 degrees) in opposition to Aries Jupiter (5+ degrees). It's like taking 2 steps forward in a game and then constantly being sent back one step. I can't dwell upon being sent one step back, I have to remember that I'm still one step ahead. I prefer to think of it as a dance. That's part of my slogan.. No pain, No gain.

Ty has a Scorpio Jupiter (5/6 degrees) opposite his Taurus Saturn (3+ degrees). This ones like an anchor.

You too have no positive aspects to help it either. It's like a see saw ride. It's a super wild stallion that you must persevere to understand. When you do it will make you stronger. Your friend has it too. Most of what I describe in your chart goes for your friend. Not everything. You are like un-identicle twins. Is your friend the recessive twin? Is your friend getting help? Do they write to you?

8th house/room is the closet. Harry Potter lived in a closet, under the stairs of knowledge (9th house/room). Symbolically the 8th house/room/closet is where they keep secrets. Metaphysics and the occult is kept in the closet. Sex is kept in the closet. It is the natural room of Scorpio. There are 2 types of Scorpios. Those that slither along the ground and sting others and those that soar above the problems of life and fly like the eagle, (Ophiuchus is the 13th constellation), the healers.

You both have planets in the 8th house/room. You both have serious subconsious emotional Capricorn Moon in the 8th. Difference is you are 17 degrees and their's is 29 degrees. 29 degrees is a borderline degree. It's called a critical degree. There are no fences out there dividing space. The vibrations intermingle like colors on an artists pallet. Makes your friend more subconsciously Aquarian in a secret way. That also means that their emotional subconscious Moon is not caught up in the T square the same way yours is. Just their generational Neptune.

All 3 of my sons are born at the end of the month like me. Early degrees
Jude is September 21st (29 degrees Virgo) (his Pluto is 4 degrees Libra) This is his most volatile part.
Paul is November 30th (7+ degrees Sagittarius) (his Neptune is 9 degrees)
Christopher is June 30th (6 degrees Cancer)
I am October 30th (6 + degrees Scorpio) (7 degrees IC Halloween)
Check out the charts I sent you so far for early degrees. Especially 5, 6, 7
Once again ta,ta Luv Ya, Aunt Eliza

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