Joan and the Super Moons 2017 / 2018

In order to follow me open up 2 more windows .….

Scroll down to the chart for this Cancer Full Moon (11 degrees).

Scroll down to your personal birth chart.

Now look at the degrees of each planet (Sun & Moon).

Notice how this Cancer Full Moon (11 degrees) connects to your birth Cancer Sun (9 degrees) joined to your birth Cancer Mars (11 degrees). They are like twins… they always work together like 2 instruments that play the same note but in different ways.

Next take a look at todays Cancer Full Moon again.. notice the red line of stress created by the Full Moon to the Capricorn Sun (11 degrees) connected to Capricorn Venus (9 degrees). This tells me you need to find balance. And coincidentally today I am connected to you (by string theory).

We are water signs. I am very Scorpio, solid like ice. You are Cancer, mush and build walls like the crab to protect your sensitivity. You built those walls as a child. You are also very Pisces … You are 19 degrees Pisces Rising ... this is the entrance to your soul and peoples 1st impression of you. You are intangible and hard to get a grasp on. You also have a Pisces Moon (2 degrees) in it’s own 12th house ( I prefer to call it a hospital room). For you it is an isolated room for your inner subconscious emotions and spirituality.

We water signs are very susceptible to these 3 Super Moons because the Moon controls the Oceans and humans are mostly water. I have had a horrible time sleeping at night for over a month. Especially when the Moon comes round. But think of this. They don’t talk about the fact that the Moon is constantly closest to the Earth all the time during these 3 months. I am ice and since little before last month’s Gemini/Sagittarius Super Full Moon I have been immobilized by these shingles. I literally can’t move.

But I did get 2 needed new computers that I have been keeping myself busy with. Trying to understand (Sagittarius) 2 (Gemini) new computers (communication of a Higher Force) as Sagittarius Saturn and Sagittarius Mercury turned Retrograde and danced over the Sagittarius Center of our Galaxy.

You probably felt Sagittarius Mercury turn Direct a week or 2 ago at 13 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the direction known as the Sagittarius Great Attractor (14 degrees). This is all factoring into the complex equation.

The planets are all moving forward now after passing the Center of our Galaxy with this Cancer Super Full Moon. Saturn (and Venus and the Sun) are now all in steadier Capricorn territory. We wait for Mercury and Chiron to soon enter steady Capricorn territory. Uranus will soon enter steady Taurus territory.

This leads me to the 3rd Super Full Moon on January 31st. It will be a Leo Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Leo Moon / Aquarius Sun. This will be the end of the Eclipse season that started back in August with the total Leo Solar Eclipse that most Americans watched as it passed completely across our country from Oregon to South Carolina.

Work I did for you back at last August Eclipse.

Joan's Birth Chart

Joan Progressed August 2017

Added together with Transits August 2017