Charts I've used for this months Solar and Lunar Eclipse's

Today is the 17th of January 2019. 3 more days until the Leo Lunar Full Moon Eclipse at 0+ degrees. I say that 3 days before a Full Moon and 3 days after you see the Moon as Full. 12 days ago we had the partial Capricorn Solar New Moon Eclipse. Capricorn can feel overwhelming. Right now we have a Stellium in Capricorn (Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto,) which increases the the Capricorn vibes.

I am working hard to overcome the frustration of this intensity. I'm working on perseverance.

Yesterday I got a notice from the county saying a complaint was put in that people were living in my Recreational Vehicle and storage RV's on my garden property. This is a vicious lie. They also put in other complaints. The person putting in the complaints is a coward who could have talked to me 1st. I could be fined by the county big bucks if I don't make changes. No one answered the county phone. I had to leave a message on a machine.

Today I got an e-mail from the Vendor Mall in Sedona. Sedona Artist Market. No more black metal shelves or black metal racks. That's me. The manager gave me permission and now has changed her mind after all my work. She too is a coward. She has knocked me again. I am a 3 dimesional recycling sculptress and don't fit in with her flat art mentality. I practice patience with her. She is young.

I have overworked (Capricorn) closing my Bead Store and reconstructing. I am 67 years old and feeling my age after carrying heavy beads. I'm realizing that I'm not as young as I used to be. Capricorn is also old age.

What does this have to do with Astrology and Eclipse's?

It helps me get through this difficult time (Capricorn/time). It helps me to find the positive words that I need to dwell upon. I decribe this intense Capricorn time as a time of transformation (Capricorn Pluto) that needs constructive perseverance (doubly strong Capricorn Saturn). The Capricorn Solar Eclipse was 15 degrees and conjunct my Progressed Capricorn Sun. It Lit up my Progressed Capricorn core. Solar Eclipse's are more conscious and physical.

This next Leo Lunar Eclipse is borderline 0+ degrees. 0+ is new territory and new creative (Leo) beginnings. It is more emotional and subconsciously spirit. My 1st response to the above is ANGER (ruled by doubly strong Aries Mars). The opposing Sun is 0+ degrees Aquarius. The core of this Eclipse is rebellious, unique and different. I will be a rebel til I die. I will dwell upon it's friendly side. On sunday (day of the Eclipse) I will go to a gathering for Gaia's closing. She too is hit by these Eclipse's. A T square has been formed to borderline Aries Uranus (28 degrees). New beginnings in group activity.

I need to find balance. Libra is also legal advice. Maybe I need a lawyer to fight discrimination? This Lunar Eclipse lights uo 0 degrees Leo/Aquarius, also connected to 3 degrees Libra. Another intense spiritual direction. I call it the direction of Goddess, the Super Galactic Virgo Cluster.


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