2018 Eclipse Report

Its a new year and last years Total Leo Eclipse (28+ degrees) across the United States is ending. Or is it? This is actually a continuation of the Leo and Aquarius influence. These 2 zodiac territories are once again going to be lit up in each and every one of us in our own personal birth charts. What ever house or room they fell/ fall in they light up the issues of that room. Each New and Full Moon after triggers these Eclipse degrees in a different way over the past and next 6 months. What has your past 6 months New and Full Moon been triggering? Think back.

1st Id like to remind everyone of last Augusts Total Leo Solar Eclipse. of America went outside to watch it. If not they saw it on some kind of news media. It certainly was a Leo main event. It was at 28+ degrees Leo. Aries Uranus was also at 28 degrees inconjunct (unstable aspect) the Eclipse. The Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks before was at 15+ degrees.

The aftermath of these Eclipses was the devastating Hurricane and flood that hit Houston and the Caribbean islands (especially Puerto Rico) and the Earthquake in Mexico. No one seemed to pay attention to the increased Earthquake activity along the Eclipse path. Then there were the fires in California. They continue to be a problem. Thousands of Americans were displaced by these disasters. Thousands of Americans helped each other.

Our next Super Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st is at 11 degrees Leo Full Moon and Aquarius Sun. This is opposite last Augusts Aquarius Moon / Leo Sun Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees. Think about this for a minute.

2 weeks after we have an Aquarius Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees on February 15th ( Valentines). This will be opposite last Augusts Total Leo Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees. Think of the forces of Yin and Yang. Lets stop and think about this similarity. Coincidence?? I dont think so. The Forces are not through lighting up the issues of these degrees in your personal birth chart. You are like a tuning fork being vibrated again. How you react is your free will choice.

Let's look at the 3 Super Moons

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