" The Cosmic Stage "

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 to Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

We start this week with the Sun leaving Scorpio territory. The Stellium of concentration moves to Sagittarius. The Stellium of higher philosophical thought is Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Mercury (22 degrees) and Sagittarius Saturn (26 degrees) conjunct the Sagittarius Center of our Milky Way Galaxy (26/27 degrees). We still have Form of Action between Scorpio Venus (19 degrees) sextile and co-operating with Capricorn Pluto (17 degrees) square Libra Mars (19 degrees). But it’s Scorpio Jupiter (9 degrees) who now trines and works with doubly strong Retrograding Pisces Neptune (11 degrees).

By thursday, Thanksgiving day, Scorpio Venus (20 degrees) semi-sextile Libra Mars (20 degrees) pulls away from their interaction with Capricorn Pluto (17 degrees). You may feel a bit of a snap as the ruler of Scorpio and the co-ruler Mars separate. Other than this tug the Thanksgiving day chart is pleasant with two helpful trines.

The 2 trines are slow moving outer planets and will stay with us for a while. Think of them as the backdrop scenery. They are doubly strong Pisces Neptune (11 degrees) trind by Scorpio Jupiter (10 degrees) and Retrograding Aries Uranus (25 degrees) trind with Sagittarius Saturn (27 degrees) conjunct the Sagittarius Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). Listen for the mental messages to intensify as Sagittarius Mercury joins in.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

I'm taking a break from my interactive section. I bought a new Chromebook and it's very different from Windows 10. I always hated Windows 10. My old computer is dying and I have to update. My kids say I have to keep up with the times. But they've grown up and not here to help me. The computer world (ruled by Uranus) keeps changing and I'm getting old (dementia).

In essence I need a mental break before I have a mental breakdown. What better time to take it than mental Sagittarius. Bare with me while I get a Higher Education.

Enjoy the charts and my verbal explanations... I'm just not doing the select box interpretations for a while. Not until I can transfer them to my new Chromebox.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

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