" The Cosmic Stage "

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 to Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

We Start this week with the Sagittarius Sun (14+ degrees) passing the direction known as the Great Attractor, said to be around 14 degrees Sagittarius. I say Ö said to be... because The Great Attractor is an unknown anomaly assumed to be found beyond the complex Center of our Galaxy. The Center of our Galaxy is so dense with stars and cosmic dust matter and a black hole that we actually canít see beyond it. But astronomers have calculated that our Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy and much more is moving towards something so gravitationally intense they canít explain it. The do say the it can actually bend light and thatís what I assume they calculate to be 14 degrees Sagittarius.

Astrologers have been observing these two anomalyís in context to human behavior since before astronomers, physicists and scientists have proven their existence. Astrologers consider these 2 directions in Sagittarius to be the reason this zodiac direction has been known (for many centuries past) as higher truth, philosophy, understanding, abundance, knowledge.

I would do a chart for anything that passes either the Great Attractor or the Center of our Galaxy but I wouldnít know exactly when to do the chart. I think these 2 directions deserve greater orbs than 2-3 degrees of what astronomers consider their exact points. So we canít pin them down.

We start this week with a chart that shows our Sun passing this Great Attractors direction at the same time that Retrograding Mercury in Sagittarius (28 degrees) re-passes Saturn in Sagittarius (28 degrees) for itís 2nd conjunction at the final degrees conjunct the Sagittarius Center of our Galaxy (27 degrees). Too coincidental. They also sextile and co-operate with Libra Mars at 28 degrees. Even more coincidental. Letís add the ruler of Sagittarius Jupiter in Scorpio at 12 degrees inconjunct the Sagittarius Sun (14+ degrees) and the Great Attractor (14 degrees). Scorpio Jupiter pulls in trine doubly strong Pisces Neptune into the equation for an extra special spiritual chart beginning the Suns next year in co-operation with the intangible Great Attractor. Astrologers say to stop and listen to the message coming from the Great Attractor.

I believe that thatís why Iím writing this weeks post as the Sun passes the Great Attractor. I turn my will and my life over to my Higher Power and believe that Eliza beth means dedicated to G.O.D. GoodOrderlyDirection. There is rhythm and reason to the Universe.

By friday Sagittarius Venus (9 degrees) joins in with a square to doubly strong Pisces Neptune (11 degrees). The Sagittarius Sun is now 16 degrees and semi-sextiles Capricorn Pluto (18 degrees). Retrograding Sagittarius Mercury is back to 26 degrees re-trining Retrograding Aries Uranus (24+ degrees) and complicating the equation even more.

On saturday Mars enters Scorpio with this complex equation as itís ingress entrance chart. Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio so we shall call it doubly strong Scorpio Mars.

We end this week with Sagittarius Venus (14 degrees) passing the Sagittarius Great Attractor degree (14). The equation has lightened up a bit as we have lost the square and Retrograding Sagittarius Mercury (21+ degrees) has begun itís inferior conjunction with the Sagittarius Sun (20+ degrees). Sagittarius Saturn (29 degrees) has reached the critical degree before it enters itís own Capricorn territory next week. Can you feel the borderline tension? I like to describe the 29th degree as if you have been practicing for the high dive. You climb the ladder and know you can do it but still hesitate. Stop. Take that deep breath, take a moment and remember what you have learned over the past 2 years. Persevere.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

I'm taking a break from my interactive section. I bought a new Chromebook and it's very different from Windows 10. I always hated Windows 10. My old computer is dying and I have to update. My kids say I have to keep up with the times. But they've grown up and not here to help me. The computer world (ruled by Uranus) keeps changing and I'm getting old (dementia).

In essence I need a mental break before I have a mental breakdown. What better time to take it than mental Sagittarius. Bare with me while I get a Higher Education.

Enjoy the charts and my verbal explanations... I'm just not doing the select box interpretations for a while. Not until I can transfer them to my new Chromebox.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

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