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This is a list of Astrology sites I find of interest. This is my library of internet resources. Most of them are the door I use most often to enter a site. You will find main addresses repeated. You can usually get into the main entrance, for more on each site, by dropping the end of an address and bringing it down to it's main address.

Books must be approved by publishers but the internet has all kinds of viewpoints. Keep an open mind when reading from the internet.

I don't agree with everything found in these links. But, I have learned from them all. Some of them I list because I watch them grow. Some of them I haven't finished learning from. The KEY is to let your intuition take you where you need to be and let the FORCES in the Universe that teach us lead you to what you need to find now.


~ Ephemerides ~

Get other years at this page......

Get past years back until 1590 here......

~ Calendars ~

~ Glossaries ~

~ Articles ~

Tons of Interesting Astrologic Articles

~ Magazines ~

~ Been Around Awhile Sites ~

~ Specific Astrologers ~

Astrologers Memorial
Dane Ruhdyar
(his chart in middle of page)
Want to read some of his work?
Marc Edmond Jones
Life & Work of Dr. Marc Edmund Jones by Diane E. Roche
William Lilly
GAUQUELIN's research
Steven Forrest
his books are a must in my opinion
Jeffrey Green
Robert Hand
Noel Tyl
Donna Cunningham
Richard Nolle
Celeste Teal
Michael Star
Susan Miller
Joanne Wickenburg
Alan Oken

~ Celebrity Data ~
Click the key in the top right corner
Saddam's chart
Actual charts (actors/actresses)

~ Country/City Data~

~ Message Boards ~

~ Software ~

For the most extensive selection of astrology software
and interesting info on choosing software.

This free clock is a must
I want one of these clocks..........
Free software download from Kepler..........

~ Free Charts (etc) ~

1st, Do you need your birth certificate?
Blank charts
Horoscopes are transits (scroll down the page)

~ Rectification ~

~ Beginners ~
Bob Marks covers alot
Astrology Novice by Celeste Teal
Zodiac Master (Dr Z)
ADZe's building blocks
Molly Hall
Sanderson Beck
Astrological Keyword by JD

~ More like a Book ~

Simplified Astrology by Max Heindel
Message of the Stars by Max Heindel
Studies in Astrology by Elman Bacher
Michael McClain
Covers aspects too
Mountain Astrologers
Beginners Series
Understanding Astrology by Joyce Moss
Brief book on Astrology.....Beginners class

~ General (cover many subjects) ~ (by Molly Hall)

~ Schools ~

Kepler College
Cosmic Patterns
Avalon College
Noel Tyles
American Federation of Astrologers

~ Advanced ~

~ Specific Subjects ~

~ Progressions ~

~ Solar Arc Directions ~

~ Retrogrades ~

~ Mercury Retrograde ~

~ Angles ~ Rising Sign

~ Aspects ~

~ Declination and Parallel ~

~ Degrees ~


~ Sabian Symbols ~

The Sabian Assembly
site to look up degree interpretations
Lynda and Richard Hill
Look for her Articles and News

~ Fixed Stars ~
Bernadette Brady
The Fixed Stars by Anne Wright
Diana K Rosenberg
Solar System Live by John Walker
Constellations and their Stars by Chris Dolan
Deborah Houldings work in progress
10 brightest

~ Sirius ~

~ Sidereal ~

Cyril Fagan's Sidereal Ayanamsa Coordinates
very interesting..........

~Differing Astronomic Viewpoints~

Explore this "entire site" (excellent)
I wish there was an e-mail address

~ Heliocentric ~

Michael Erlewine's work

~ Cycles ~

Can't beat Richard Nolle's work already done

~ Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, (Saturn, Jupiter) Cycles ~

~ Saros Cycles ~

~ Returns ~

~ Chiron ~

Chiron and Friends by Zane Stein
Chiron and the Ice Planets
Chiron Info by Patrick Vanouplines
find your Chiron and more

~ Asteroids ~

~ Magnetism ~


~ Universe ~

~ Galactic Astrology ~

~ Super Clusters ~
Make sure you read it all

~ Galactic ~

Michael Erlewine's viewpoint is excellent ....

~ Special Points ~

~ Lilith ~

The Lilith Overview Page
do you want to know about Lilith? Moon Lilith

~ Vertex ~

~ Nodes ~

~ Lunar ~

Weekly and Monthly New Moon Report,tabab,msg

~ Eclipses ~

Fred Espenak from NASA
Carol Willis
Susan Millert Eclipses Phenomenon

~ Midpoints ~

Also called Uranian Astrology
Alfred Witte

~ Harmonics ~

~ Mundane ~

~ Horary ~
Maurice McCann has lessons
Glossay of horary terms

~ Vedic ~

~ Medical ~

~ Spiritual ~

Also called Esoteric, Karmic or Evolutionary

~ Astrocartography ~

~ Timelines ~

~ Etc. ~
Astrological Organizations
American Federation of Astrologers
Sphinx Stargate by Paul LaViolette
food for thought, heavy into Energy
Extreme ideas
GAUQUELIN's research
Mystic Stars astrology and postcards
Get past the commercial to the bottom info.
Darri Murphy

~ Search Engines ~

~ Book List (and links) ~
Used Astro Books
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~ Horoscopes ~

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