" The Cosmic Stage "

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 to Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

No select boxes this week. I'm really sick.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

Sorry... I'm having serious computer problems. Need a new computer. Got one and it still won't stay connected to internet. Charts are up. More to come today if I'm lucky.

We open this week with the aftermath of last weeks Scorpio Full Moon. This is one of the two weeks between Full Moon and New Moon. We don't talk about 1/4 and 3/4 Moons. They are waxing and waning, square and difficult. We open with the Aquarian Moon square the Taurus Sun and it's inconjunct aspect with Retrograding Sagittarius Saturn conjunct and blocking the Sagittarius Center of our Galaxy. When we give the Moon and Sun a 10 degree orb this lasts about 2 days.

The problem with this minor inconjunct (150 degree) aspect is that it's caught between a 90 degree square of difficulty and a 120 degree trine of ease. Is the glass 1/2 filled or 1/2 empty? I call it indecisive, it can go either way. But when we recognize the slower moving exact trine of help and ease going on between Aries Uranus (26 degrees) and Retrograding Sagitarrian Saturn (26 degrees) conjunct the Sagittarian Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees) we understand the political chaos. Using the minor inconjunct aspect we have Form of Action. Add the chaotic waning square from the Aquarian Moon and chaos increases.

The other major aspect is Aries Venus (12 degrees) in opposition to Retrograding Libra Jupiter (14 degrees). Retrograding Libra Jupiter is caught up in a slower moving indecisive inconjunt aspect of interaction with doubly strong Pisces Neptune (14 degrees). (Now exact). Along comes faster moving Aries Venus to create another Form of Action for a few days. Not only do we have Form of Action but all 3 also intermingle and aspect the 14th degreed Sagittarian direction of the Great Attractor.

The inconjunct going on between Gemini Mars (17/18 degrees) and Retrograding Capricorn Pluto (19 degrees) seems minor and not much to watch. But do you personally have any planets within 3 degrees of 19 degrees. I do I have 17-21 degreed planets and they create the Form of Action in my personal life. (I also have 13-15 degrees). So you see I'm a little overwhelmed and caught up in the chaos that starts this week.

Gotta go my computer battery won't hold a charge. Ruled by Aquarius deflated by Mars in Gemini. Bought a new Dell and it won't stay linked to the internet. If it's not one thing it's another.

On saturday, the Sun enters Gemini territory. We will feel as though an anchor has been lifted.We now have 2 entities in flexible Gemini.

We end the week with single aspects. Gemini Mars (22 degrees) has moved on and Aries Venus (17 degrees) now squares Retrograding Capricorn Pluto (19 degrees). We also have the 2 slower moving aspects. Aries Uranus (26 degrees) trines and works well with Retrograding Sagittarius Saturn (26 degrees) conjunct the Sagittarian Center of our Galaxy (26/27 degrees). Retrograding Libra Jupiter (13 degrees) inconjuncts doubly strong Pisces Neptune (14 degrees). These 2 aspects will continue to be like the backdrop scenary of the Cosmic Stage.

Some charts I've used for this weeks report.

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